Saavira kambada Temple

The town of Moodabidri is noted for its 18 Jain temples, but Saavira Kambada Temple is considered the finest among them. The temple is considered an architectural wonder and is a major attraction of Moodabidri. This temple is also popularly known as Chandranatha Temple. The town of Moodbidri is considered to have total of about eighteen Jain Temples. The finest temple among all the eighteen Jain temples is the Saavira Kambada temple. This temple was built in the year of 1430 by Devaraya Wodeyar, the ruler of Vijayanagar. Later on some renovation and additions were done in the year of 1962.The temple is famous because of the thousand remarkable pillars that form an integral part of the shrine. The construction took almost thirty one years to get completed and approximately around nine crores rupees were spent to build it.The Saavira Kambada temple also contains many mantapas,which are supported by the pillars. Carved out of granite, these pillars have unique figures engraved that make them different from the others. There are stone chandeliers in the shrine that reveal the architectural skills of the craftsmen. The architecture of the temple shows Jains’ eye for details and the interaction and exchange of culture among man and nature.

Thousand pillar temple

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